Monday, March 31, 2008


Dear Thieving Cunt,

Hmmm, stealing from a Blog.

Interesting. I mean, I get it. Munky’s fucking hilarious. She makes vulgarity eloquent. She gives an hysterical and vicious voice to my own misanthropy. She’s obviously a better writer than you are. It’s pretty obvious which writing is hers. A second grader could figure it out with some cutting and pasting and frankly, your own words, both of them, sound positively illiterate. So, I get it, I do. You suck and she’s the opposite of suck.

God, at least try to paraphrase, you useless git.



Shelly said...

I love my sister ;)

A little research, a few (somewhat hollow) threats, and a neat little bit of communication with Wordpress and I helped her to get it closed down. Darn it all...we didn't get to really attack her. I tried. I really, really did ;)


Cheryl said...

Yay for Frankensister!

"Helped her." I did nothing but go all, "BLARGH I HATE THAT STUPID COW, BLARGH."

Opposite of suck = spit, no?

chrysalis said...

Ladies, I'm happy the site is down, but just a titch sad it was so soon. I was looking forward to a bit of face scratching fun.